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Podcast 002
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Publish-date-icon December 14, 2010
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1. Matty G - West Coast (Caspa Remix) (Argon)
Starting off the podcast with the old school '07 vibe of Matty G's West Coast skillfully remixed by de man dem Caspa. This one of course goes out to all me bredren chillin on the west coast aka the blessed coast!

2. Cease - Upper Left Side (Shift)
Following up from that gangster shit were throwing down the sounds of Seattle's own Shift Records. Cease bangs out this dubstep track as a tribute to the Pacific North West (thus the title upper Left Side). With the flipside (Selfsimilar - Rise) these tracks make up Shifts first vinyl release. Big up!

3. Benny Page - Swagger (Digital Soundboy)
WHOA!!!! Drop that napalm like Vietnam! Rewind selectah. This one's big on the scene at the moment Benny Page tearing it up with Swagger, the bside to Step Out which came out on Digital Soundboy last month.

4. Mr. Rigsby - Plauges (Soul Prolapse)
Switchin up the vibe a bit, Bassfaced presents Mr. Rigsby with a track called Plauges from the Plauges EP out rigt now on Soul Prolapse. This EP is filth and holds two other irie tracks within the darkest vibez. We salute you Mr. Rigsby!

5. South3rn - Muslim Dub (Lo Dubs)
This one topped the charts on Got Darker last week. Comin out on Lo Dubs is South3rn with this reggafied hi-fi dubstep choon. This one's sure to please any ear that hears it.

6. DJ Q (Ft. MC Bones) - You Wot (Maximum Bass)
Switchin up with the sounds of the BASSLINE!!! Bassfaced featured this music video a week ago and here it is for you listening pleasure. Nuff respekt for the bassline massive!

7. Doctor - Calm Down (Witty Boys Remix)
Next up is a remix of the badman sound of Doctor's Calm Down basslined out by the Witty Boys! This track was featured on the first bassfaced podcast but it's fully rinsed out in this one.

8. Scott Garcia (Ft. MC P.S.G.) - P.S.G. In Rio (J. Romero's Bassline Banger) (Kronik)
Another bassline track from the underground! This one's out as a limited edition promo on Kronik Records. J. Romero bangs out this bassline banger under the timed rhymes of MC P.S.G. recorded I guess during a show in Rio. Anyway big up this track for real.

9. Wiley - Wearing My Rolex (Agent X Mix) (Asylum)
I think most of our readers are familiar with Wearing My Rolex and if not then have at least heard of Wiley, godfather of grime! Wiley's contribution to the world of electronica with this track which is basically the audio representation of sexy ladies and champagne...BIG UP! This release of the original track with the Agent X and Niteryder Remixes was released last month on Asylum Records.

10. Wiley - Forget Last Year (Southside Records)
Sounds of the new and old! I figured if we're playin wiley we might as well play WILEY so comin out of rolex is and old skool release on Southside Records called Forget Last Year which is the flip side to Slippin In SW. Bassfaced always salutes Wiley!!!

11. MRK1 - Bang Bang Boy (One Way_Planet Mu)
Keepin up with the old skool vibez we're rockin the sounds of MRK1 from his One Way EP release on Planet Mu in 2004. Gun shots mixed with heavy bass, this is from the ghetto.

12. Joker - Snake Eater (Soul Motive)
This one's heavy! released last month on Soul Motive, the man who's banging out tracks like Gully Brook Lane brings us the epic sound of Snake Eater. Always look forward to more tracks by de man dem. Respekt.

13. Caspa - The Terminator (Ave It: Volume 2) (Sub Soldiers)
Heavy sounds from the man like Caspa. This track big inna de game off Ave It: Volume 2 out earlier this year on Sub Soldiers. Wikkid sick EP and a proper follow up to the volume 1. Keep up dem choons!! SALUTE!

14. Mungo's Hi-Fi (Ft. Mikey Murka) - Back On the Scene (Scotch Bonnet)
Switchin up the tempo right now on this one. Mungo's Hi-Fi recently put out a handful of fire tracks earlier this year on Scotch Bonnet Records. I rinsed a bunch out on my High Grade Mixtape in late May early June, except for this one! I felt the need to present it on this podcast, plus it sets the tempo up for dnb :]

15. Commix (Ft. The Nextmen) - Change (Metal Headz)
Next up is the vibez of the drum an bass! Now I know these cuts aren't like released yesterday or anything but they're relatively new and they're fucking dope. Commix released this LP in 2007 which included not only Change but also How You Gonna Feel featuring Ben Westbeech along with many other dope tracks.

16. DJ Panik - Super Skank (Roots Records)
This one commin in at track 16 released on Roots Records late last month it's DJ Panik with Super Skank. This one's fire, need I say more?

17. Hazard - Killers Don't Die (Machete Bass EP) (Playaz)
That's right!!! Sounds of the Machete Bass with heavy weight producer Hazard! This one released in mid May on Hype's Playaz records. If you haven't picked this one up yet you damn well should! Aside from Killers Don't Die, Machete Bass includes hits like Machete and the brooding Trouble Maker. Hopefuly you can pay off your studio with the sales of this EP Hazard! Keep it up nuff respekt!

18. Alix Perez - Crooklyn (Allegiance EP) (Soul:R)
As an end to it all we finish up the cast with one of the dopest liquid tracks of this year, Alix Perez's Crooklyn. This one came out in March earlier this year on the Allegiance EP, which was a collaboration between Alix Perez & Lynx put out by Soul:R. This track mek me wanna cry it sounds so good.

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